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Members electing to wear the Air Force-style uniforms must meet the weight and grooming standards prescribed in CAPM 39-1

Cadet Uniform

Cadets start out attending meetings as a guest.  During that time they wear blue jeans and a black t-shirt with tennis shoes for a uniform as they begin to attend meetings regularly.  The second uniform they will need is for Physical Training(PT), this consists of dark color athletic shorts, a plain black t-shirt, white socks, and running or tennis shoes.  If your cadet does not have the proper color they can wear what they have closest to it until they can get these items.

After becoming a member we ask that cadets obtain either BDUs or ABUs for their first official uniform, however, do not go out and rush to buy them.  The squadron has a small supply of BDUs and ABUs along with Air Force blues that are available for use at no cost to the member.  These can be requested through our squadron uniform request form once the cadet has become a member.  We will have the cadet come in and try the requested uniform on at a meeting for fit before they take it home.

If uniform items in your cadets size are not available at the squadron then you will have to purchase them.  Members can visit the link for local uniform suppliers to see a list of known shops in the local area that have uniforms and uniforms items in stock.  You can also visit Vanguard Military, our official insignia and uniform supplier for uniform items if you already know your size.

Cadets who complete their first achievement will receive a $100 uniform voucher for use at Vanguard Military.  We recommend this be used for the items you have not already received to complete a set of Air Force blues and then whatever else you may need after that.

A set of Air Force blues will be the last uniform cadets need to get.  These are used for formal occasions and events and also are worn monthly during the squadron meetings.  Short of getting blues from squadron supply we recommend waiting till the cadet completes the Curry achievement and receives the $100 voucher to get them.

You can also visit CAP’s own uniform information page for more details about the cadet uniform.

How to Prepare Your Uniform

For a quick start, see pages 7-9 in the New Cadet Guide, pictured below. Or, if you need complete guidance on all uniform matters, see CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual.

New Cadet Guide


Ten Tips for Looking Sharp in Uniform

  1. Keep your insignia in a special place at home.
  2. Prepare your uniform the night before you wear it.
  3. Trim loose strings from buttons, pockets, and belt loops.
  4. Use spray starch when ironing.
  5. Obtain “enforcers” or put cardboard behind your ribbons.
  6. Check your appearance in a full-length mirror.
  7. Keep a small cloth with you to dust your shoes and brass.
  8. Check your gig-line upon exiting a car or restroom.
  9. Avoid leaning against anything while in uniform.
  10. Ask your wingman to double-check your uniform, and return the favor.


Senior Member Uniform

Adult visitors attending as a guest, or new Senior Members, should wear medium gray trousers and a navy blue t-shirt or polo-shirt.

After becoming a member, Senior Members are expected to purchase the navy-blue Tactical Golf Shirt from Vanguard Military. Combined with medium gray trousers and black shoes, this will be the duty uniform.

For formal occasions, Senior Members should purchase the  White Aviator blouse and medium gray dress trousers. It is worn either tucked or un-tucked over medium gray slacks, or medium gray skirt (females), with black dress type belt and shoes. The brand and style of the medium gray pant and black belt / shoes are not specified, but should be “business” or “business casual” appropriate.

There are two versions;
1: (Pictured) with the color CAP seal on the right chest. You have the option of having Vanguard embroider your name (first and last, no rank) as well as any function (occupation) device, aviation wings or badge you have earned.

2: The same polo is available with only a white CAP seal screened on the left chest, with no embroidery options.

BOTH versions have a long sleeve option. No pins or patches are authorized to be added to the polo uniforms. The plain black Squadron ball cap may be worn in inclement weather. Hair and cosmetics shall be “business” or “business casual”.



Senior Members are also permitted to wear the Air Force style uniforms, ABU/BDU’s for the duty uniform and Blues for dress/formal occasions. These may be purchased from Vanguard, the base exchange (with CAP ID), and our squadron may have some items on hand.

This is the Senior Member Aviator shirt uniform. Similar to the Air Force Class B blues, the shirt is available from Vanguard, and is white. This is a para military formal uniform option for senior members who are outside of USAF weight guidelines, or who choose not to conform to USAF grooming standards. (Hair / facial hair / hair style and color /cosmetics shall be “business” attire appropriate.

This uniform should be worn when the Cadets are in the USAF blues.

This uniform to be worn with medium gray slacks, or medium gray skirt (females), with black dress type belt and shoes. The brand and style of the medium gray pant and black belt / shoes are not specified, but should be “business” appropriate.

When wearing slacks, PLEASE WEAR BLACK SOCKS.

Only CAP insignia and awards are authorized to be worn.Undershirt should be white V-neck when no tie is worn (open collar). Ties are optional with the short sleeve, but ARE REQUIRED WITH THE LONG SLEEVE. The Female long sleeve will wear the blue USAF “tab” tie (pictured below).

Female short and long sleeve with skirt combinations are shown here.




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